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Ethical Wine according to Iván
29 January, 2019
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Ethical Wine according to Silvia

Silvia Araque

The Heart feels, loves and provides company, always respecting what surrounds it. Give a hug to everything you touch allowing yourself to grow to your maximum potential in harmony with your environment.

I give thanks because all of this feeling — much more than words can ever express — is expressed in our wines.

Respect for the land, the vineyards and the people who take care of it, carrying out a project of sustainability: a recovery of the native varieties that help maintain the biodiversity of our region, to preserve the landscapes and help people receive a fair price for their grapes (mostly from old vineyards with little production), so it is possible to continue living from what ‘Your field’ offers you in a manner that is dignified and respected.

Wines that feel good. Wines that are ecological and biodynamic, from natural and artisanal procedures to obtain the best result in color, flavor and aroma. Wines that are watched over with great care and affection. Each of our wines has its own personality and details, which make it different from any other.

An artisanal family-owned winery, a place where tradition meets the modern world, preserving the essence of what we are.

Ethical Wine” is something felt during the whole process of soil and vineyard management, winemaking, wine sales and customer relations, and arrival at the table for a fair price.

When Ana, Iván and Jose proposed to me that I would participate in a visible way in this project, I said YES from the joy, the spirit, the conscience and the personal ethics that are assumed here, and because there is no better company than theirs and that of our children.

Ethics is not just a word; it is a way of being, of feeling Life, of Loving the Earth and all of us who inhabit it.

Silvia Araque
Agricultural Technical Engineer
Bach Flowers – Astrologer
Reiki Master – Akashic Records

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